BeeRotor F3 Flight Controller with OSD and PDB v2

BeeRotor F3 Flight Controller with OSD and PDB v2

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Warranty:  Test unit upon arrival.  We can not warranty bad soldering or installation of various firmware.

Includes the BRF3 Flight Controller and BR v2 Power Distribution Board

Manual can be found here :

BeeRotor F3 Flight Controller with OSD


Optimization for Cleanflight/Betaflight firmware - (flash as spracing target)

ARM Cortex-M4 core STM32F303CC with 32bit/72MHz/256K Flash/40K SRAM and hardware floating point unit

MPU6050 and BMP180 / BMP280 Sensors

Build-in 8MB flash for black box log recorder

On board OSD with absolutely original MAX7456EUI+ and standard FTDI debug port

Receiver connector with PPM/SBUS/SumD/DSM2/DSMX and RSSI input

Up to 3 serial ports and 8 PWM outputs

Multifunction connectors with SWD/UART2~3/Soft-serial/Buzzer/LED trip/Voltage detection

Multifunction OSD connectors with video_IN/ video_OUT/ICSP/debug port (UART1)

PDB connector with 5V input/Current and Voltage detection

Power input reverse polarity protection


Power input: 5.0~5.5V

Dimension: 35x35x9mm

Fixing hole spacing: 30mm

Weight: 7.3g

PPM/RSSI/SBUS/SumD Receiver Cable

Camera/video-TX cable

Buzzer/LED strip/voltage detect cable

OSD debug port to FTDI adapter cable

BeeRotor Power Distribution Board V2.0(w/ 5V,12V Out put)


· Optimization for BeeRotorF3 Flight Controller

· Ferrite Beads and Capacity Filtering Circuit

· Dimension 35x35mm / Fixing hole spacing 30mm / Weight 5.5g

· 5.3V/3A and 12V/1.2A Step-Down Converter (If you use 12V out put, please confirm the battery input is 4S-6S)

· Input voltage and current sensors up to 28V/90A

· BeeRotorF3 Flight Controller connector with BEC/Current & Voltage detection

Note - use care when plugging and unplugging a USB cable to this and any other device that has a surface mounted USB port - excessive force can cause unintended damage.