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HoverThings FPV FLIP Pro

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HoverThings FPV FLIP Pro
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The FLIP FPV PRO is the latest version of the FLIP FPV frame. Designed specifically for FPV with a Go-Pro Camera, the FLIP FPV PRO offers the addition of a "clean" system for isolating the camera from motor vibrations. The camera, battery, and flight controller are mounted on a plate which is isolated from the main frame using rubber antivibration mounts. This allows clean 1080p video and helps reduce the "jello" effect you can get from an unbalanced prop, or a slow frame rate camera. While it's not a substitute for a correctly balanced system, in most cases it will entirely remove jello caused by motor and prop vibration from the video without the need for foam padding or creative camera mounting. Based on the original FLIP FPV, our arms are made from solid G10 rather than aluminum. Metal objects near an antenna can detune and block radio signals, so we designed our frame to allow for maximum RC video/control signal transmission for the best FPV range. As an added benefit the G10 arms are very strong and usually survive some major crashes without damage. Nothing is unbreakable, but these arms are extremely durable. The landing gear is included and simply snaps onto the arm. It can be repositioned inboard or outboard, or removed entirely. It's designed to be light and simple, removable without tools. For 3S and 4S, 980KV motors with 9" props are a good choice, such as the MT-2216-1100kv. Hole pattern will accept KK, Quadrino, CC, and most other flight controllers. MADE IN THE USA. The flip frame is proudly manufactured right here in the USA, with materials supplied by US companies. Size: Width 14.5" (375mm) Length 11" (280mm) Weight: 16oz Diagonal Measurement (diagonally motor to motor): 450mm These frames include long standoffs for the top protector plate for use with vertical pin flight controllers..1.5" clearance total.
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