Naze32 Acro Flight Controler w/ Straight Pins (Clone)

Naze32 Acro Flight Controler w/ Straight Pins (Clone)

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The  Falcon32 (Naze32) Acro has a 32bit ST processor, with generous memory and CPU abilities and some of the best sensors available. The Naze programming software (GUI) is easy to use and free to download (Web Based).


• Flexible multirotor configurations for various air-frame options:
Quad / Hexa / Tri/ Y4/ Y6/ Octo/ and even Camera Gimbal. 
• 8 ch RC input - supports standard receivers (PWM), PPM Sum (FrSky, etc), and Spectrum receivers.
• Built in FrSky telemetry inverter (shared w/main port)
• Battery voltage monitoring
• Modern 32-bit processor running at 3.3V/72MHz (STM32F103CB).
• Onboard Micro USB for setup and configuration
• Super bright status LEDs 


36x36 mm (30.5mm Mounting)

2000 degrees/second 3-axis MEMS gyro + accelerometer (MPU6050)

Input voltage: Max 16V on input rail and up to 35V 6s on the voltage sense line


Falcon32 Acro (Naze32 Clone)
2x5 pin header
Available with right angle header or straight headers and USB Cable